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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Why can't I get weather station feature to work?
    A.With the recent iOS updates, the weather feature is not working. Our development team is working on a resolution.

    Q. The UTM or MGRS coordinates are not displaying. How can I fix that?
    A. This is an issue that has surfaced with recent iOS updates. In most cases, the full current location coordinates will display on the dashboard. We are working on a resolution for a future update.

    Q. Can I change the color of a waypoint?
    A. At this time, you are unable to change the color of the way point but you can change the color of tracks.

    Q. Can I use an external GPS unit?

    A. We have heard from customers that good results are possible with third party GPS receivers. We have personally tested the Bad Elf receiver. Any receiver, such as Bad Elf GPS, Garmin Glo, or Dual GPS, that works with the iPhone/iPad/iPod should work fine with our apps.

    Q. What file types can I import/export from GPS Kit?
    A. You can import/export GPX or KMZ files by Email, iTunes, or Dropbox.

    Q. What happened to public channels on the Squawk feature?
    A. With recent updates of GPS Kit, public channels were removed to improve the overall performance of the app. You are still able to see your friends by over the Squawk feature or the web interface.

    Q. How can I use a USGS topo or other custom map as the base map?
    A. Under the Settings menu go to Map Type. In the right hand corner, press the Add Map icon. You will then name your map and add a URL following the default format.

    Q. Are you going to offer your app on Android devices?
    A. At this time, we are not developing GPS Kit for Android devices or other platforms. If that changes, we'll make an announcement!