Data Manager


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    The Data tab allows you to keep track of your sets, tracks and waypoints more efficiently. A set houses multiple tracks and groups of waypoints. You can organize your sets by pulling down on the master sets list and selecting Date, Alphabetic or Distance.

    Creating a Set

    GPS Kit automatically creates a new set for you when you first launch the app. This set will record all information gathered using the app for the next 24 hours. Sets are automatically named using the date & time they were created. You may edit the name of a set by tapping on the name.

    Sharing/Exporting a Set

    You can export GPX and KMZ files from GPS Kit. To do this, navigate to the set you wish to export, and tap the share button in the upper right corner. An action sheet will pop up with the option to send data as a GPX or KMZ file. Select the file type you want, enter the recipients email address in the provided field and hit send. GPX files can hold tracks & waypoints - but not photos. Use the KMZ option if you want your photos included in the export.

    Social Networking

    You can post your set map & stats to Twitter & Facebook right from GPS Kit. Navigate the specific set you would like to post and choose witch social networking site you would like to post to. You will be prompted to login. Once you've logged in you can add a personal message and post your set data. NOTE: to logout of your Twitter or Facebook account, navigate to GPS Kit in your device settings and toggle 'Reset Facebook Login' or 'Reset Twitter Login' to the 'on' position.

    Opening/Importing GPX & KMZ Files

    From Mail, view an email that contains a GPX/KMZ file. Tap & hold the GPX/KMZ icon. An action sheet will appear - tap the ‘Open in GPS Kit’ option. GPS Kit will launch and display the data in your GPX/KMZ file. NOTE: This feature is only avaliable to users with iOS 4.0 and above.

    Track & Waypoints

    GPS Kit allows you to move tracks & waypoints into a different set than the one they were created in. This allows you to organize Sets in a way that suits your usage. Think of sets as folders, and tracks & waypoints as information housed within those folders. You can learn more about tracks & waypoints under their respective categories.

    iPad Data Management Walkthrough Video

    iPhone Data Management Walkthrough Video