Dashboard Overview


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    The Dashboard gives you seven customizable cells showing information related to your current track.

    Customizing a Cell

    To change the content of any cell just tap that cell and choose the type of data you want displayed. You may also select which units you would like your data displayed in. Configure the dashboard to suit your specific needs.

    Lock Screen Button

    Locking the screen keeps the screen from being affected by touches. You can lock the screen by tapping the ‘Lock Screen’ button. To unlock the screen tap the same button.

    You can also dim the screen to save power by dragging the dot at the bottom. To save some more power you can place the phone in your pocket or upside down or anywhere that light won't hit the front of the screen. This will turn the screen off completely. This is done using the proximity sensor (a light sensor) located to the left of the ear speaker. If you put your finger over that area the screen will go black.

    Timer Button

    This button allows you to start/stop, pause/resume tracking from the dashboard.

    Dashboard Walkthrough Videos: iPad iPhone