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    Squawk! is an exciting feature of GPS Kit that allows you to track& cant with friends in real time. It does not simply post occasional updates - it displays your actual movements and provides a heading as well as a speed indicator.

    Public Channels

    You can see & be seen by people who are on the same channel as you. Tapping another user's arrow on the map will give you the option to chat, add them as a friend, or drop a waypoint at their current location. In recent updates, the Public Channels feature has been removed.


    Adding someone as a friend allows you to see each other & chat without the need to use a public channel. You can also send friends offline squawks via push notifications. You can send email invites to get more of your friends on Squawk!

    Web Sharing

    You can broadcast your Squawk! track to the web. Once you've enabled web sharing you can share your link with whomever you want. You can change your web link by tapping 'reset' at anytime. This will disable the previous broadcasting link.

    A Note on Privacy

    Switching Squawk! off ensures that your position in not broadcasted to anyone, including friends & people using public channels. If privacy is a concern, we recommend switch public channels off so you'll only broadcast your position to individuals in your friends list.

    Squak! Walkthrough Videos: iPad iPhone