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    Tracks are organized within Sets. The top most track is the current track and any new points will be recorded to this track if tracking is on. All of the dashboard information is based on this track.

    Creating a New Track

    To create a new track press the plus button (+) in the top right corner of the Tracks view. This creates a track named with the current date and time.

    Track Details

    After tapping either the current track or a old track, the ‘Stats’ screen will appear with statistics relating to that track. You can change the name of the track from this screen by tapping on the name.

    You can change the Set a track belongs to by tapping the ‘Current Set’ field.

    You can also share the track by tapping the ‘Share’ button in the upper right corner. To view stats specific to skiing & snowboarding (vertical, slope, etc), tap the 'Ski/Snowboard' option at the upper right of your basic stats.

    You can view graphs showing data from the track by tapping the ‘Graphs’ button. These graphs display speed, elevation, and pace over the time span of the track. Turn your phone sideways for a fullscreen landscape view of any graph.

    You can view your track on a map by tapping the ‘View Map’ button. From this screen you can view the entire track on a map, view your location in relation to the track and change the track color.

    Additionally, saved tracks can be added to map display. You can switch 'Visible' to on and the saved tracks will display on the Map.

    Deleting a Track

    You can delete a track by swiping its cell and tapping delete (similar to deleting emails in you Mail application). Please delete your Tracks with caution, as they cannot be recovered once they are removed.