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    Creating a Waypoint

    Create a waypoint by using the Map Menu or by long pressing on the map until a pin drops. You can pan the map around the pin to place it more accurately. Once you’ve placed the pin, a waypoint is created and housed in the current event.

    Waypoint Details

    Access waypoint details by navigating to the set it is housed in and tapping on it in the list menu. After tapping on a specific waypoint, you will see an ‘Overview’ screen with basic details about that waypoint. You can change the name of the waypoint from this screen by tapping on the name.

    You can view your waypoint on a map by tapping the ‘Map’ button. From this screen you have the option of viewing the waypoint, as well as your location in relation to it. You can also tap the 'Get Directions' button to get turn by turn directions.

    You can view a compass directing you towards a specific waypoint by tapping the ‘Compass’ button. This compass screen shows a fixed arrow, always pointing you in the direction of your waypoint.

    Sharing a Waypoint

    To share a waypoint, tap the share button in the upper right corner. An email dialog will appear displaying details about your waypoint. Enter the email address you want to send it to and tap 'send'.

    Deleting a Waypoint

    You can delete a waypoint by swiping its cell and tapping delete (similar to deleting emails in you Mail application). Please delete waypoints with caution, as they cannot be recovered once they are removed.

    Waypoints Walkthrough Videos: iPad iPhone