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Q. Does GPS Kit work in my country?

A. Yes - GPS Kit works all over the world. Your iPhone or iPad 3G has a built in GPS chip that can find you anywhere there’s a clear view of the sky. Our map sources also work globally.

Q. What map types does GPS Kit come with?
A. Goggle Terrain, Google Cycling, Google Satellite, Google Street, Google Hybrid, Open Street, Open Topo/Cycling, Bing Shaded Relief, & Bing Street. Note: this list is subject to change at anytime.

Q. Do I need to be connected to Wifi/3G to use Squawk! tracking technology?

A. Yes - Squawk! requires a data signal because it must send & receive locations to and from a server.

Q. Do I have to buy GPS Kit for both my iPhone & iPad?

  1. A.Yes - GPS Kit is not a universal app.

Q. Why can’t I find Weather Stations?

A. Weather stations are only available in the USA.

Q. Does GPS Kit offer turn by turn directions?

A. No - the purpose of GPS Kit is to track your movements and give you a visual representation of your outdoor adventures, as well as useful statistics. It’s made to help you blaze your own trails!

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